Vysadenie motora Z-142 / YR-ZCC Clinceni

Gonzo - 23.6.2016

photo - Corneliu Balan / planespotters.net

On 23.08.2013 the aircraft type ZLIN 142, registered YR-ZCC was planned to perform training flights (runway laps) in the area of Clinceni Aerodrome. The crew was made up of a pilot-instructor and a pilot-student.

When the aircraft was on the long side of the runway, perpendicular to the flight control point, at a height of 220m, the pilot-instructor noticed a loud noise in the front part of the aircraft, in the engine area. He immediately identified a real failure of the engine and decided to perform an emergency landing.

He shut-off the engine and put all the electric contacts in off position. Shortly after this, smoke appeared in the aircraft cockpit. The pilot-instructor landed the aircraft in safety conditions on the runway from Clinceni Aerodrome

photo - Corneliu Balan / planespotters.net
photo - Corneliu Balan / planespotters.net
Z-142 / YR-ZCC

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