Blaník - The legends Lives forever

Gonzo - 18.7.2013

Adam Jandora

Tribute to Czechoslovakian made double-seat trainer glider Let L-13 Blaník. After 56 years, after thousands and thousands hours of helping pilots worldwide learning how to fly, came an accident (2010) when two people died in Austria. EASA has immediately grounded all the Blaníks and ordered non-sense conditions determining which Blaníks can fly and which ones can not - practically none fulfils the conditions. The pilots' acclaimed favourite glider is now forbidden to fly, although it could! Thanks EASA for your "great" work..... Please pay a tribute to this wonderful and beloved glider named Blaník

Gliders: L13A (The Lamb) OK-0931, L13 OK-1823, L13 OK-9829
Music: Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings

Thanks very very much to all the people from Aeroclub Brno-Medlánky (Czech republic) who voluntarily helped to shoot this videoclip. It took one day to assemble up two (silver ones) Blaníks and put them in the hangar then out and all again just to make this tribute happen. And last but not least thank goes to Elisa Bretterebner for providing the "Blaník" writing.

These helped to assemble the Blaníks (alphabetical order):
Martin Jedlička
Petr Knápek
Aleš Kondr
Olda Kounovský
Ondra Petruška
Jan Šponer

These helped with arranging the Blaníks in Hangar (alphabetical order):
David Císař
Martin Jedlička
Laďa Józsa
Petr Knápek
Aleš Nestrojil
Helena Přikrylová
Ondra Petruška
Jan Šponer
Honzík Šťastný
Michal Šťastný
David Trnečka

This video couldn't have been realized without Michal Šťastný's valued support.

Thanks to you all  !

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