12 x Viperov SD-4 LSA FOR SALE v Číne po zbankrotovanom importérovi

Gonzo - 10.6.2021

650.000 USD (12 aircraft TomarkAero SD-4 Viper LSA)

Location: Tianjin / China

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12 Viper SD-4 LSAs manufactured in 2012. Previously owned by A bankrupted company, but have been left abandoned at the bonded warehouse at Tianjin Airport since 2013, with storage fees (owed to the current owner) and customs duties not paid. The Tianjin Maritime Court ruled in August 2020 these aircrafts' ownership to the current owner

These aircrafts with s/n :  0033 / 0038 / 0046 / 0047 / 0059 / 0060 / 0065 / 0066 / 0067 / 0068 / 0069 / 0070 has never been registered, or flown since they arrived in China in 2014. (The original buyer never signed and received them). A part of them have not been assembled. We have consulted CAAC and been told, that it is extremely difficult to acquire TC Validation for these aircrafts after this lengthy time.

0 hour SNEW

s/n 33 and 46 are premium version with Dynon Skyview Glass cockpit. Others are basic version. Among these aircraft, 4 have their airframes assembled, while the other 8 are still in the freight boxes. We can sell them in bulk, or separately. The listed price is for all 12 aircrafts. Price includes shipping and customs arrangements from China. We can help with visa application, if travel is deemed necessary. (with additional cost)

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Deň s Viperom

SD4 RTC Viper získal typový certifikát EASA

photo - Simon Yan FB.com
photo - Simon Yan FB.com
Vipre SD-4 na sklade v Číne Vipre SD-4 na sklade v Číne Vipre SD-4 na sklade v Číne Vipre SD-4 na sklade v Číne

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