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Aircraft concept  R-10
Aircraft concept R-10

Aircraft concept R10 is some kind of my personal aerodynamic excersise with puscher propeller conception. R10 is build for one person, has simple drop fusalege, small wing span   súvisiace články : Reno Air Race 2100 ...

Samuel Nicz - 26.08.2013
Reno Air Race 2100
Reno Air Race 2100

concept design by Samuel Nicz / Nitra Mgr. Art Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, Transport Design / doc. Štefan Klein / 2011 – 2013 The Reno Air Races is last championship which bringing tradition of the Cleveland Air Races...

Samuel Nicz - 22.08.2013
Gryphon concept design
Gryphon concept design

business jet concept design for high speed cruising  by Samuel Nicz 

Samuel Nicz - 06.08.2013
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