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Aircraft concept  R-10
Aircraft concept R-10

Aircraft concept R10 is some kind of my personal aerodynamic excersise with puscher propeller conception. R10 is build for one person, has simple drop fusalege, small wing span   niczozanik.com súvisiace články : Reno Air...

Samuel Nicz - 26.08.2013
Reno Air Race 2100
Reno Air Race 2100

concept design by Samuel Nicz / Nitra Mgr. Art Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, Transport Design / doc. Štefan Klein / 2011 – 2013 The Reno Air Races is last championship which bringing tradition of the Cleveland Air Races...

Samuel Nicz - 22.08.2013
Gryphon concept design
Gryphon concept design

business jet concept design for high speed cruising  by Samuel Nicz 

Samuel Nicz - 06.08.2013
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